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Well yesterday I wne t to the fair, it was really fun. i went on all these kool rides! I went with christina, anna, marisa, and cat. but we found ppl and hung out with them like giini ( no i dea how 2 spell it) and we went on the merry- go- round with him!

that was fun, but i think he got kicked off the ride b.c he was like well u dont wanna no. So then me and ppl went on the otha rides and u no etc.
oh wait b.4 i 4get i was telling cat about this guy we thought was hott so i sai 2 her ask him 4 the time, but there was this otha guy right beside me that thought i was talking 2 him, haha, it was soo funny, but i felt kinda bad b.c i told him nvm! soo i dont no if he thought wow iam ugly or something


well i'll c ya ppl later

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