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just baisc life

well 2 yesterday night....

i was on the computer u no talking 2 my friends...

and going on web sites and i was talking 2 a person from my skool and we were playing the cute game.
the cute game is where u go back and forth saying who u think is hott... so we play and all of a sudden

i get this im from some1 i dont no asking me do u think **** is hott?

so my responce was like who is this?

so i ask them and say just do u no him and i say yeah... and hes like well would u go out with him..

i talk back 2 the otha person i was talking 2 be4 and say do u no who soandso is and she says yeah but she wasnt going 2 tell me

so i start 2 think mayb thats ****!! and then the guy tells me that **** thinks iam soo hott and how much he likes me and hes saying that hes his bffl

so iam like freaking out here then i start 2 wonder if thats **** that i was talking 2!!!!!!

so i dont answer him and i say like ur soo nosy and y do u want 2 no and EVERYTHING

none of it worked he still kept iming me!!!! so now iam like dude can u stop iming me but he neva did and the sad part is...

i still dont no who he is...... so 2day @ skool i kept looking around being really scared... idk y! lol

i need advice though...

me and **** NEVER even talked be4 and his "friend" says that **** gave him my sn

and i dont no if is should belive him or not?

i really need advice!!!!

:( :)
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