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well i take dance...

i took:
ballet(2 yrs)
tap(2 yrs)
hiphop(1 yr)
jazz(1 yr)
Musical Thereter(thats what iam doing know)
and thats really it

well my recital is 2day and iam sooo nervous!!!

what happends if i fall on stage?
what happends if i act really happy but iam sopposed 2 act sad!
what happends if i sneeze and need a tissue while iam on stage
what happends if i do the wrong dance move and evry1 laughs
what happends if i do my makeup wrong
what happends 2 night!!!!

iam scared 2 death

i always has stage fright... mean while i try out 4 varity shows and plays and everything!!!

i force myself 2 go on STAGE but i cant go on stage and not smile or get scared!!!

in 5th grade in the varity shiow i remember i was soo scared and i tried 2 think that no1 was there.....

i try diff things 2 help me but i CANT

soo can some1 plezzz give me some advice!!!

iam like in the first 10 acts and our dance is the longest dance there is


oh yeah and our costume is soooo ugly! lol

its yellow and has a flower ties and then the pants are ALL flowers!!!



i need help 2 get ova my fear


help :(
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