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yesterday && today

well what happend yesterday wass that i went 2 sleep reallyyyz late 2 nights ago.. ask me y? i have nooo idea y i did but that okk, haha well soo i ws tired the holee dayy but w.e andd then i watched big borther 7 and then went in2 the colddd pool andd then after that we went 2 the libreray 2 cash in the book bucks 4 prizes and i saw andrewww and i was like greatt and then tyler, tyler was in his ft ball jerseyy and i dont think he saw me because if he did yhe would of caused a bigg scene but luckyy 4 me he didnt, haha, thenn we went backing out andd i saw dan outside but again he didnt see me then i went 2 bed once i came homeee hmm anythng else i 4gottt umm hmm i dont think sooo then right now talking 2 my friends:

friend: holy shit
friend: u havnt changed ur profile since yesterday
friend: are you okay?
friend: what happened?
lmao i always chanvge my proo <33

welll love alwyas,
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