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But its not her fault

My Friend got a disesse and its interfearing her hole enite life infront of her

My friend has ADHD, which stands 4 active disoder , and hyper disoder

her family do not support her in any way

when i was over her house her older brother even dissed her what wasnt her fault. its not her fault she has adhd! She even cried that night thinging iam soo stupid all b.c of this stupid ADHD. I try 2 comfort her by being there 4 her when she "falls" down.Its really upaeting 2 see her like this and she feels like she dosnt belong, shes not human, shas not real

and she tells me that the feeling she gets when some1 makes fun of her bout that she feels well happy
Happy 2 fell shes a little normal b.c normal is getting made fun of. so in her eyes she really hates herself, and her family dont help the problem they make it worse like a scratch that u get when u fall down the stairs from a sibling and no1 helps it but you think you know what ur doing but then months later u relize u just made the scar worse and worse..

i cant even think of whats she going through.. it must be soo hard 2 have ADHD and 2 TRY 2 think ur something good

well the fact is she dosnt think shes GOOD she thinks shes HORRIBLE, DREADFUL and it really makes me upset 2 hear that from her
but she talks like its the truth and iam starting 2 belive that...
She told me when she was younger she went on this diet and she couldnt have " colrs" in food

that only lasted 4 a little bit

She told me once when she was 6 and she went ova a friends house she told the mom y she couldnt have colors and the daughter laughed and then soon relized she was serious

it broke her heart


it must be soo hard <3
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