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i went over my friend christinas house

and slept over

we did really CRAZY, FUN, and u no everything else

And we watched this really sweet chick flick

it was bout this girl and she had a cursh on a pop star ( like me and ryan cabrera) and the guy that she liked ( the celb) had 2 go 2 a public skool so he goes 2 her skool

but the guy wasnt 2 smart so he had 2 get the smartest girl in the skool 2 hang out with soo she can teach him and yah.....
sooo he finds the girl that obseddsed with him and he goes 2 her house, buys her a car, etc

but thats not the point

sooo prom was coming up and there was this chubby guy that asked out this popular girl but the snub said no and laughed butt

towards the end he goes out with this celb!!!

and the celb finds out that he really LOVES her

they didnt get married but every1 had a fairytale ending <3


i wish my life was like that

the movie was called " pop star"


well... watching that just made me think boutm my future

its soo scary thinking bout my future not knowing what it holds

some guys wanna use your heart
i call them the lions

some girls like me is called
a sucker

a sucker is some1 that gives some1 there heart not thinking and they crush it

the lion is the person that eat ur heart and never return it

i call that process the jungle

and that my friends is something u should be scraed of

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