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The Dream

well last night i had alot on my mind but i never thought i would EVER have a dream like this...

It was A hot july night and we were in this weird hotel and there was a cute guy but somehow we were going out? and he would come 2 my hotel room everynight and we would talk and talk and it was sooo sweet <33.. but i didnt no where his hotel room was ( the hotel was my house!) soo i had 2 go in my basement and i had 2 go in all these rooms but i didnt find him then... we went on this carebear ride 2gether and i bought him a shirt and he bought me a key..? and then what happend wass we hugged and we held hands and i remember thinking that this was reaL.. AND I NEVER WANED to be away from him.... and nethier did he.. then we were walking ( it was like kidnight when we were walking) then i woke up!! i noo i should of kept sleeping but i had 2 wake up 4 chours!! that was such a god dream<33 i wonder what it means?

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